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Food Additives, the story continues.

I have been working some more on my PBL on Food additives. Here are the files I have produced. Any feedback is appreciated. Here are PDF files of my two working documents. I will let you know how it works.

PBL Food Additives Additives assignment


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WWI Science

This term the Year 9 students in my school are studying WWI as their Australian Curriculum History depth study. For science we are looking at Physical Sciences. This is my attempt to link the two.

Students will undertake a practical lesson for five of the six weeks of this course. In the sixth week they undertake the research task. Each week they will also undertake one of the video comprehension question sheets. There are 3 sub topics, Electricity, Light and Waves.
We are trying to move away from the “science lecture” that I have observed in other schools and I was taught with in the 1990s while still covering the Australian Curriculum outcomes. In my opinion it is especially important to link to outcomes about Science as Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry, not just the Science Understanding.

The files for the unit are here.

If you have any questions or thoughts let me know. I will also accept suggestions for further resources.

If you want to use any of the files or modifications of them please let me know.

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