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Why I don’t Blog

Blogs have been part of my professional learning since I was doing my post grad education degree a little over ten years ago. Since that time I have read some blogs on a regular basis for many years (Blue Skunk Blog, Stephen’s Lighthouse) others I have only read for a little while (The Principal of Change, The Butterfly Effect) and others I only read when someone links me an article (normally via twitter). These blogs have given me many ideas about teaching, some of which I have implemented in my classes and school. Blog reading has been only part of my personal professional development with attendance at conferences like CEGSA and ACEC and following twitter streams like #EdTech and #CEGSAPLN also important.

I said this post was about why I don’t blog. For me there are two key reasons.

1. It has been said before. Many of the posts I read are by thought leaders, people who a leading digital learning conversations in their school, district, country and the world. I do not feel I am one of those leaders, what I do in my class has been done before, often by dozens of others, I know I have read the blogs. For this reason I don’t bother sharing what I do via a blog.

2. Leadership doubt. I think this is the bigger one. Many of the blogs I read are about leading others. I have had some success as a peer coach in my schools, I have been continually improving my practice especially around the use of technologies, I have openly shared the things I have learnt in my school and at conferences like CEGSA and ACEC. Despite all that I do keep missing out on leadership positions at my school, often to people who have less experience in informal ICT leadership. This has made me question if I have anything that my school wants to hear, and if my school thinks what I have to say is not worthwhile why would anyone on the internet want to hear it?

What are your thoughts? Do any of my readers think I have something worth sharing, or are there other reasons to blog that I am not thinking of.



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Blogging on the go

Trying out the iOs wordpress app. Looks useful for blog writing and updating. Will need to see how it goes at blog management.

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