Pop Cultural Learnings through Film

The Australian History Curriculum rightly considers students learning about their pop cultural heritage an important thing. Recently I have been thinking about this, particularly when my 1980s and 90s movie references are unknown to my Year 10 students. So I asked my Facebook friends which movies do they believe a young person should watch before their teens. I will endeavour to show my almost 12 year old daughter as many of these that she has not seen before her 13th birthday next July. This will help prepare her for important things like recognising movie quotes from 30 somethings.

Movies recommended that she has seen.

Princess Bride – We are actually going to be in a play inspired by this movie next month.

The NeverEnding Story – We first showed this to her when she was about 8, she was a little scared but enjoyed it.

Labyrinth – Love the work of Jim Henson

Dark Crystal – More of the above

My Girl – This movie made me cry when I first saw it.

Ella Enchanted – I love me a good Fractured Fairytale.

Frozen – I keep being asked if I want to build a snowman.

Sister Act – We enjoy a good musical film around here

Sound of Music – See above comment

The Wizard of Oz – This is an excellent Film. Oz the Great and Powerful is an interesting “Prequel”

Pixar collection – She has seen all of these feature films, most in the cinemas since Finding Nemo.

Classic Disney Animated – We have watched over half of the Disney Animated feature films too.

Movies recommended that she still needs to see

The Nightmare before Christmas – We watched this about dawn at my bucks party, I would like to watch it again.

Little Women – I thought this was ok for a film where I was not the target demographic when I saw this back in the mid 1990’s

Star Wars – I plan to show her the original trilogy, not Episodes 1-3. If you think I must show her all six let me know why.

E.T. – One of my favourites as a child, have been meaning to get to this one for years.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit – Re-watched this a few years ago and loved it, she is now ready to learn.

Mighty Ducks – An excellent underdog story

Pride and Prejudice – Not sure if the 2005 Film or 1995 Mini Series let me know which you think.

Princess Mononoke – Just one of the Hayao Miyazaki films my brother recommended for her. He has made some amazing films, if you have never seen any of them check out Spirited Away and My Neighbour Totoro

Annie – Saw this when I was young, remember it being good so will have to show her.

Sabrina –  One I thought about watching in my teens, but will try to check out now.

Movies recommended that I have decided my wife and I won’t show her until she is older

Scott Pilgrim vs the World – Just a little much sexuality for now.

The Life of Brian – This I think is for a more mature audience than 12. Perhaps 14 or 15.

If there are some more that should be here please let me know in the comments.

Edit 3rd September. Annie has now been watched, and she auditioning for a role in the Adelaide Youth Theatre production.


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  1. I +1 Life of Brian, I started watching that years ago…and when the guy skips around the large donkey poop 🙂 Hehe

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