Four types of teacher

I have been thinking about teaching and sharing over the past few weeks. This post has been inspired in part by this thinking and in part by George Couros and his DECD workshop. My thoughts have lead me to think there are four key groups of teachers.

Teachers who do not investigate new ideas
To me this is a problem, life outside of school is constantly changing we need to be changing our teaching to help students connect with this world.

Teachers who learn new things and keep them to themselves
Learning new ideas is easy. There are blogposts, twitter links, professional journals, other teachers, trying new ideas in the class room based on inspiration from students or life.

Teachers who share the new things they learn with staff at their school
Once teachers have found a new idea what makes this powerful is when they share the idea with other people. Many teachers work in a school where they share new ideas with the teachers they work with. This is a good thing as it can help other teachers to improve their teaching too. The feedback from the other teachers can help refine your ideas too.

Teachers who share what they learn with anybody they can via blogs/twitter etc
When we work in the school we can connect with between 2 -100 teachers. Using blogs and twitter I have connected with over 300 Australian teachers. This has helped me further refine my ideas beyond what the teachers in my team can give me. I think this is an excellent way to work and how I hope to work more.



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2 responses to “Four types of teacher

  1. I really have enjoyed reading the entries in your blog.
    They demonstrate reflective writing for developing your own practice to a really high degree. I particularly like your most recent blog “Four types of Teacher.” Would you mind if it was shared on the DECD Teacher Leader Facebook page?

    • If you feel that it is up to the Teacher Leader standard then it would be an honour. I was just reflecting on things I see and read, which is what a blog should do.

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