The Power of Tweet

I presented my Social Networks for Teachers presentation on Tuesday. It went well with lots of good questions asked. One of the participants was a new Agricultural Studies teacher who asked “Are there any Ag teachers on twitter?”

I didn’t know the answer to this question so I did what all connected twitter users do when they don’t know an answer, I posted it as a tweet. I was unsure if any of my followers (as diverse as they are) would know Ag teachers so I added some tags to the tweet to spread it further. The tags I used had been shared with me earlier in the day by SA Teachers Conference. The tags along with the other resources on the OzTeachersPLN site are useful for teachers thinking about using Twitter.

The message traveled further than I expected with over a dozen retweets.

The sharing enabled us to connect with 5 Agricultural Educators in 3 states in less than an hour. This impressed our teacher so much she has now joined twitter, so welcome @black_katt_83 

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