Great moments in SEMT

I was home today looking after my wife and son and had both a great disappointment and a wonderful opportunity. This afternoon, just before 3pm local time the NASA Curiosity Rover carrying the Mars Science Laboratory landed on Mars.
Being home with Mr3 I was able to watch with him and share with him some of my excitement in this great achievement of Science, Engineering, Maths and Technology (SEMT). He was amazed when I told him that the photos came all the way from another planet. He also commented that he has a shadow too (as seen in the second photo).
My disappointment was not being at school where I may have had the chance (after overriding filters on the NASA live stream) of showing up to 100 13 year olds this great moment. The flexible nature of our year eight teaching space and program would have made this a distinct possibility. I hope that other teachers were able to use this moment to encourage the next generation of scientists and engineers to head down the path that will see some of them following in the wheel prints of Curiosity. This landing may be the biggest moment of SEMT footage this year (with millions of views, tweets and status updates) but I hope I will get the chance to use future events like this to inspire some students.

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