Is Flipping far enough?

Some excellent thoughts on flipping classrooms.


There is a lot of press and chatter around the flipped classroom at the moment. While this could be a great first step in the evolution of classroom practice I wonder if it is far enough to make a real difference. What changes when you flip? Is the flipped classroom approach still valuing content but just switching the delivery mode? Are there real opportunities to flip the type of learning that occurs in schools – from teacher-directed to student-centred?

When I first heard of the flipped classroom idea my first thought was – why? I may be overgeneralising here, but what is the benefit of doing class lectures at home and homework (eg. worksheets and number facts) at school? Digging deeper though and unpacking the idea by looking at its context (some stimulus was provided by Steve Collis’ post on the Anatomy of a Flipped Meme) and the potential…

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