Why do we (I) do what we (I) do?

Teaching is not an easy job. The only people who are likely to tell you that are not teachers. From my experience students learn best from people they trust. Developing a trust relationship with between 20 (for a reception class) and 180 students is not an easy thing. Teachers will often need to make changes to their plans to accommodate a huge range of students, interruptions to their teaching due to student absences and other factors outside the class. Many teachers spend their holidays, weekends and evenings developing their materials, marking work or learning about new teaching practices.

Like many teachers I teach because I want to help young people to improve themselves, to be better people in some aspect of their lives than when I started working with them. For most students I help them to develop skills or knowledge in the areas I teach.

A friend this week was talking about a teacher she had met who told her they did not like children. That is a concern. When teachers start teaching degrees they know they will be working with children, so one wonders why they would choose this path for their lives. If they started a degree and came to their first practical subject and disliked the work then in most cases they can transfer to another degree without much difficulty.

Well I do like working with children and will continue to work hard to help the students in my care to learn and develop into the best students they can be.

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